Wednesday, 22 November 2017

A day with Dash

Today in class we had a special visitor. His name is Dash. Dash is a digital coded robot.
You have this special app to him with. You could make him dance, talk and move. We had to learn how he moves and talks. To make him do all these things, on that special app, it has these blocks that say what he does. When Whaea Sally showed us on the mat how it works, it was pretty cool he was dancing, talking and moving like a normal person.

The thing I liked the most was how he danced and said hello to us. But the thing I didn't like was how when Dash goes forward it is like he is running after you. The easy thing about this experience was putting the blocks together. The hard thing was choosing what to make him do. It was hard doing that because only allowed 4 moves. Thanks Whaea Sally for that limit it was very hard. 

Thank you to Mrs Henare for letting us use your iPad for the app to control, and thank you to Tania Courts for letting us use him. Without you my class and I wouldn't of been able to have this experience.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Kaumata Kuia Day

Today we are having a Kaumata Kuia Day where our whanau come and play games with us. But unfortunately non of my whanau came. So this picture is our invitations for someone to come and it has the schedule for what we have to do today. So first we had our Taumata with our whanau in our marae. Then after that our whanau came to our class we would show them our work. After that we will have some games with our whanau. We would be playing 5 seconds, Head Bands or Card games. Then we will have Morning tea, our whanau would be somewhere else having their morning tea. When morning tea is finished there would be a Haka performance. We will have the Haka performence until luch. Once lunch is finished we have games adults vs kids. I think this would funny and fun. Then after that we would pack up for the end of the day. That is our schedule for the day with our Kaumata Kuia. I hope that we will have a great day today. Get ready if you have a Kaumata Kuia Day. Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

The Whisper of Wilderwood Hall.

I chose this book because when I looked at the cover I thought that this book is a mysterious book and I like mysterious books because you never know what is going to happen or appear. So I knew when I saw this book that I will be caught into its mysteriousness every time. That is why I chose this book. Already I give it a 5 star recommendation even though I haven’t read it.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017


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